In England, what you need to know

Discover what financial assistance is available to help you or your loved one pay for their care costs.
  • NHS Funding  – NHS funding covers your full care costs if you qualify. You can ask your GP for a Continuing Healthcare Checklist, which is a quick screening test to determine if you need a full assessment. This will determine whether you are eligible for a Personal Health Budget (PHB).
    With a PHB, people living with a disability or long-term health condition have more choices, control, and flexibility over their healthcare.
  • Local Authority funding – Local authorities are required under the Care Act 2014 to assess all individuals with care and support needs, regardless of whether they are self-funding. After the needs assessment, a financial assessment will be carried out to determine if you are eligible for funding for your care. Individuals with assets not exceeding £23,250 will be eligible for funding towards their care costs. You can choose to receive your funding as a Direct Payment, which gives you control over how you spend it.


  • Self-funding care and support – If you are unable to have your care funded by your Local Authority or the NHS, you have the option to pay for at-home care using your liquid assets or by using various financial products, such as equity release, to help cover the costs.

An overview of care costs in the UK

Here are the simplest ways to maximize income. Taking advantage of this can help you afford the care you need.

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